Ideal Combi Boiler Packages

Ideal Combi boilers are available in a number of sizes and styles to suit a wide range of new domestic boiler installations. All of our combi boilers are recommended by Good Housekeeping readers and fully supported with a range of warranties for total peace of mind.
Combi boilers deliver hot water on demand for your radiators and domestic hot water. As you never have to wait for hot water and because they don’t take up much room, combi boilers are a very popular choice. In fact, combi boilers account for well over half of all the new domestic boiler installations in Britain every year. A combi boiler doesn’t use an external hot water cylinder so they are very economical to run; only heating the water you require meaning you could save money on your heating bills.

Cheap Classic Combi Boiler London

Please note that all our prices are excluding VAT & up to 10 years guarantee. Our prices are for a like for like boilers, i.e. Combination to combination, system to system or conventional to conventional. If you need to convert from system to combination or vice versa then there is a conversion charge on top of the current prices.