Main Combi Boliers London

Our combi boilers include the Main Combi Eco Elite range, designed to meet the domestic hot water and central heating needs of a variety of properties.  As one of our A-rated products, the Main Combi Eco Elite boiler offers impressive performance, energy conversion and conservation, resulting in improved efficiency and lower gas bills for homeowners.

Introducing the Main Combi Eco Elite – the powerful, installer-friendly range of boilers built on the successful Main Combi Eco platform, which provides tried and tested technology that you can rely on. This improved range of energy efficiency A rated boilers has been specifically designed and built to meet demand from homeowners for high-efficiency boilers – and doesn’t disappoint.

Baxi Main 24 HE Combi Boilers Surrey

Homeowners can choose between 25kW and 30kW output models so they can select the boiler that best suits their energy (and energy efficiency) needs. Quick and easy to install and service, the Main Combi Eco Elite range now comes with a new look control panel, plus a 24-hour clock and filling loop as standard.

Please note that all our prices are excluding VAT & up to 10 years guarantee. Our prices are for a like for like boilers, i.e. Combination to combination, system to system or conventional to conventional. If you need to convert from system to combination or vice versa then there is a conversion charge on top of the current prices.