New Baxi Boiler From £1099 SpecialOffer

If you looking for a new affordable boiler then look no further! At MM Heating in south London we have great offers on our Baxi boilers starting from only £999.oo supplied and fitted.
baxi-10-yearBaxi Back Boilers offer a great way of saving much needed space within the household and are just as efficient as many top condensing boilers. With the advent of Part L Building Regulations, which essentially prohibited all non-condensing boilers back in 2005, the previous Baxi Bermuda range was forced onto the back burner because its Baxi Back Boilers failed to meet the strict but fair regulations. However the latest Baxi Back Boiler range is once again making a splash on the boiler scene with its efficient SEDBUK ratings, compact size and affordable price tag. Today, Baxi is currently unrivalled in the manufacture of High Efficiency Condensing Back Boilers, and the latest resurgence of demand for high efficiency back boilers has proved the Baxi Back Boiler is finally here to stay.

axi Back Boilers are fitted behind the fireplace and small, compact units that are capable of heating enough boiling hot water for both central heating system and heated water purposes, if installed along with an indirect hot water cylinder. A Baxi Back Boiler must be installed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.