Biasi Boilers are Highly Efficient Combination Boilers and are available in a range of KW’s, which makes them suitable for most domestic installations. Our Boilers are reliable, compact, affordable and easy to use. Warranties range from 2 years on our Riva Plus and Riva Advance Boiler range to 5 Years on our Advance Plus and Inovia Boiler range. Every boiler is tested before it leaves our state of the art production facility in Italy, giving you peace of mind. A wide range of flueing options ensure that our boilers can be sited almost anywhere in the home and we have a wide range of boiler controls available to increase efficiencies even further, saving you money.

Please note that all our prices are excluding VAT & up to 10 years guarantee. Our prices are for a like for like boilers, i.e. Combination to combination, system to system or conventional to conventional. If you need to convert from system to combination or vice versa then there is a conversion charge on top of the current prices.