Potterton Combi Boilers London

The Potterton Titanium Easy Pick Packs are designed to guide you through the accessories that only go with this boiler and will help you to choose the right parts you need plus additional recommended accessories such as filter and chemical packs and room thermostats, which are a building regulations requirement.

Combi Boilers Best Deal UK

The Potterton Titanium 28 combination boiler ticks all the right boxes for most 3-bedroom properties looking for a great hot water flow rate, a decent shower pressure, and an efficient heating output. The winning combination of Potterton reliability and British manufacturing delivers proven performance, instant hot water and heating, and lower fuel bills.

Please note that all our prices are excluding VAT & up to 10 years guarantee. Our prices are for a like for like boilers, i.e. Combination to combination, system to system or conventional to conventional. If you need to convert from system to combination or vice versa then there is a conversion charge on top of the current prices.