What is a room thermostat?

A room thermostat is used to regulate and maintain a desirable temperature throughout your home. It works by switching on or off your heating system as the temperature varies throughout the day. For example, if the temperature drops below a certain level, a sensor in the room thermostat can be made to trigger the switch for your boiler which will heat the radiators and in turn, the rooms in your home. If the room rises above a certain temperature, the thermostat will then turn off your central heating system so that your house will cool down to its desired temperature once more.

What is a room thermostat useful for?

The main reason that a room thermostat is useful is that it can reduce your central heating bills. This is because using a thermostat means your heating will only be in use when it needs to be, and you won’t be using more gas or oil than necessary. It can also ensure that your home is never too hot or too cold for comfort.