The Green Deal

The Green Deal is the government’s flagship scheme which enables businesses and households to make energy efficient upgrades to their homes and properties with no upfront cost. Lime Technologies ltd has been working with Green Deal Assessor Organisations (GDAO) to arrange the Green Deal for its customers.

The scheme was introduced to enable consumers to benefit immediately from energy efficient improvements to their homes with private companies able to offer Green Deal loans to cover the costs of the upgrades required. The upgrades are installed and the costs recuperated via monthly installments on the energy bills, this is called the ‘Golden Rule’ Please visit the Gov’t website below for more information.

Eligibility ?

All home owners and tenants are eligible for Green Deal funding for domestic energy efficient improvements. The funding is not means tested so no credit history checks are required.

Unlike a conventional loan, the Green Deal loan is attached to the property. This means that when the current owner sells the property, the repayments remain with the property and payments are continued by the new owner.

As long as the cost of the upgrade meets the ‘Golden Rule’ which is that the annual cost of any loan repayments must not exceed the anticipated annual saving in energy costs, then the improvements can be installed and the occupier can start enjoying the benefits.

There are currently over 45 energy efficient improvements available which include; cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing etc.
Benefits of the Green Deal

Energy efficient upgrades with no upfront cost
Products available include insulation, double glazing, efficient boilers, solar panels and more
Installation costs are via a Green Deal Loan and repayments via monthly payments on the energy bill
The Green Deal Loan is tied to the property, not the bill payer
Customers will have a more efficient home with immediate benefits and enjoy lower fuel bills

Green Deal Explained